Do you dream of experiencing along Cádiz C.F. a LaLiga team an event of the highest level?


  • International Scout Hamzah Sadiek of Cádiz C.F. organizes The Road to Cadiz!

    The best players of this tournament will fly with international scout Hamzah Sadiek to Cádiz C.F. and then get the chance to live a professional experience at Cádiz C.F. for at least a month (inclusive Lodging - tickets - food and drink).

How does it work?


After you have applied, have been found good enough to participate and have paid the registration fee, you will be assigned to the relevant age group. You will play several matches in game at Sportpark Randhoorn (the accommodation of Legmeervogels) in Uithoorn. (Close to Amsterdam)

Other moments of assessment on the same day will be through running-coordination tests and technique tests by the relevant specialists. Goalkeepers will also be evaluated by a professional goalkeeper trainer and will undergo tests with him.

Free Second chance

Every participant who participated this past year and did not make it to Cadiz C.F. will get a free second chance in December 2022.

Your moment is now package 16+

The possibilities in this above mentioned method make it possible for every progressive talent who is active at a high level to participate in this scouting day.

During this scouting day many scouts from other top professional football clubs will also be present, however Cadiz C.F. has priority over the scouted players on that day.

Finally, Hamzah Sadiek says he also believes in late bloomers in (top) amateur football.



After your registration you will receive an email with further information & if you have any questions, please send an email

  • Your moment is now - pakket

    Ready to play at the highest level in Spain then buy this package now to be allowed to participate.

    • Trial  
    • Best (chosen) players will fly to Cadiz and earn a minimum one-month internship to earn a contract. (Ticket, hotel stay, food and drinks, everything will be arranged)
    • Guarantee that several professional scouts will be present at the Trial.
    • Photo shoot of participation selective internship day Cadiz in Amsterdam (good for CV)
    • Extensive lunch
    • During this day the players will wear Cadiz clothes
    • Targeted feedback
    • Second chance @ the unsuccessful players. They will receive in December 2022 a RECONFIRMATION of all of the above and can start working on their targeted feedback.
    Buy now!!